About Me
First, if you've navigated this far, thank you for visiting. Certainly, the best part about what I do is getting to connect with people and if you're reading this then hopefully we can connect in some way in the future.

Now for a little about me. A long time ago in a galaxy that is the one that we're in, I was an airplane mechanic. A career I never thought I would have but one that was formative in my growth as a professional. I learned a lot but most importantly I learned the value of teamwork and communication. Woof, if that doesn't sound like some LinkedIn bs then I don't know what does. To be fair I did learn those things but I also learned I didn't want to fix (try to fix..) airplanes for the rest of my life. I took what I learned in approaching solving problems into a new field. Software Development. It was a great combination. There's been a rigidity and an "outside the box" thinking required to do the things I've been passionate about, but now I get to inject more personality. The last piece of the puzzle was realizing the genre, if you will, of web development I liked most. And that's the creative and non-conforming types. Yes of course there are some rules and guidelines to be followed but not everything needs to be in accordance with the latest trends or every web development principle. Much like chicken soup, a little self-expression is good for the soul. As I have stated before the best part of what I do is getting to know people. So, if you want to chat, work together, play hockey, go mountain biking, grab a coffee, then here's my contact.